Sunday, April 3, 2011

I never knew Easter could be so much fun!

Thank you to Mrs. Anna Brantley at Crazy for First Grade for this great idea!  After I saw her adorable little chick and carrot Easter eggs I ran straight to the Dollar Tree to pick up my own.  Personally, I prefer the carrots so I got 3 packs of those (3/pack).  I had trouble with the chicks staying closed so those aren't being used yet.  Any ideas?

I also picked up the little bunny head containers that Mrs. Brantley posted to use as dice shakers... brilliant!  All of these creative ideas on the blogs just blow my mind!

While out and about at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target (my FAVORITE), my brain was working overtime trying to come up with ideas.  I ended up with a $1 popcorn container that I'll use to hold words that I write on yellow paper and crumple up... details to come.  I'm most excited with my baseball find.  Walmart had baseball themed Easter eggs, but they were actually round instead of egg shaped.  They were 12 for $1.97.  Then at Target I found the most perfect baseball pail with the Easter baskets for $5.  (Starting to get a little pricey, but I know my boys will adore this station!)  I don't have an idea yet, but was thinking something about the -all and -at word families.  Hmmm.... any other ideas out there??!

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