Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mission Organization

Over the past three years I have tried many different ways of organizing things in my classroom.  I feel like I've finally settled into what works for me.  One thing I'm very excited about using next year is a hanging file system for the wall.  (A few months ago, Primary Perspective blogged about these amazing hanging files.)

I found it at  It's called a 'filetastic'.  The best part is that it comes in black and zebra.  (I hate the traditional red and blue of pocket charts.)  You can also get some super cute file folders at this website.

There are 12 pockets on this file.  Here are what I plan to use them for:
1.  multiple class record lists (put a post-it on the last one saying it's the last copy)
2.  extra new student packets (like you give at the beginning of the year)
3.  lunch folder (we have to turn in daily slips with our lunch count)
4.  attendance folder
5.  behavior notes (generic forms to fill in as needed)
6.  medication logs (we have to administer and track medication in the classroom)
7.  P.E.Ps (so they're always available)
8.  curriculum & planning (grade level documents-- word lists, curriculum maps, etc.)
9.  professional development (handouts & record of what I attend)
10.  important documents (things I'll need to refer back to later)
11. Pizza Hut Book It certificates
12.  other (random stuff I don't know what else to do with)

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. These are super cute! Thanks for passing this item along!

  2. Those are cute and handy!

  3. Very nice idea! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love your idea. I was thinking about how to store all of those pieces of paper I need on a regular basis. I'm very visual and I need to see things so this will work perfectly. Now I just need to find one. Thanks again. Love your blog.

  5. Love the idea. Did you know that instead of putting a post-it on the last copy, you can use a yellow highlighter to mark an "X" or I write "master" on a copy and then, when you copy it, the highlighter doesn't copy. Then you don't have to worry about losing the post-it. A word of advice though, make sure you use the flat of the highlighter and don't angle it using the chiseled tip, that has a tendency to make it dark enough to copy.

    Love the blog, I'm glad I found my way to you on from Pinterest1

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