Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell Me More, Tell Me More! {Linky Party}

My personal rule is to not share personal stuff on this blog and keep it strictly focused on teaching.  I saw this linky party, however, and just couldn't resist.  I enjoy reading about the amazing teachers who are behind all of the wonderful ideas and resources I find in the bloggy world so I'm linking up with Mrs. Lemons from Step into 2nd Grade for her Tell Me More Linky Party!

1. I have forever and always wanted to be an elementary teacher.  When I was little I would make all of my stuffed animals sit at 'desks' in my bedroom and pass out work for them to do.  I then corrected it and recorded it in my grade book.  Oh, how I wish I still had my pink jean backpack full of my childhood teaching materials!  Who's with me?!

2. I hoard teaching materials.  I knew I had a lot of teaching stuff {books, games, etc.}, but it wasn't until I was packing up to move that I realized just how much stuff I have.  I used to have teaching stuff in my classroom, in my storage unit, and at my apartment.... now, it's ALL in my garage.  There's a lot of stuff in there!  I think it's an official illness.

3. I have some OCD tendencies.  For example, the volume on the tv and radio must ALWAYS be on an even number {or end in 5-- somehow that's ok even though it's not even}.  The same rule applies to the thermastat even though sometimes it'd be way more comfortable one number up or down.  I also check that the doors are locked multiple times each night before bed even though my husband has promised me he locked them.  Please, don't judge me.

4. I have two furry children who make my life complete {in addition to my hubby, of course}.  People think I'm a little crazy, but both of my pets have complete names.  My cat is lucky enough to have a hyphenated last name because I had him before I met the Mr.  I'm happy to introduce you to Reese O'Riley Church-Pollard {cat} and Hamilton O'Malley Pollard {dog}.  No, I'm not Irish... I just like how the O names sound!

And this is what their typical day looks like.....

5. I'm OBSESSED with The Small Things Blog.  This blog is all things hair, make-up, beauty, and home.  I L.O.V.E. it!  You've probably seen her hair pics and tutorials pinned on Pinterest.  Well, now that I've mentioned Pinterest I might as well admit that I'm obsessed with that, too.  {I know you all are, too.}

6. I used to love roller coasters and scary movies, but in my old age the thought of either one nearly gives me a heart attack.  Has this happened to anyone else out there?  Please, don't tell me I'm alone.

7. I truly appreciate my experiences living in the south for four years, but the north is my home.  I am loving every second of living in Ohio and being so close to family.  The Mr. and I have already had so many adventures with our families in our first month here.  Home is where your family is.

8. I love going to the zoo.  The highlight of any zoo trip is definitely the polar bears.  The Detroit Zoo has an amazing tunnel under the polar bears.  Let's just say I become mesmerized by these fuzzy white guys.

9. I think cowboy boots are amazing!  As a final nod to southern living I asked for a pair of cowboy boots for my birthday.  I thought they'd be the most uncomfortable things ever, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  Cowboy boots are awesomely comfortable.... and they look really cute with a dress!

10.  Yes, it bothered me to only have 9 items on this list so I added 10 just to make myself feel better!  :)

Now, tell me more about YOU!  Link up with Mrs. Lemons and share the quirks that make you YOU.


  1. I have always wanted to be a teacher too. What you did with your stuffed animals sounded like exactly what I did with mine. I gave your teacher keeper a shout out on my blog yesterday. I put it together & love how it came out!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I LOVE The Small Things Blog too! My hair has benefited from it greatly :)

    Fourth Grade Fanatics

  3. Ahh!! I am getting more scared in my old age, as well! Ha ha ha! I, too enjoy the Small Things Blog! She's super cute and has great ideas!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  4. My pets have full names as well! I have a Border Collie named Shelby Lynn Kong (maiden name) and my other dog is Aster Dogen Love (Husband's dog but now mine!)

    me teach good

    ps - I'm your new follower! It sounds like a cult :)

  5. I used to line up my stuffed animals and use my chalkboard easel thingy to teach them the alphabet! Love it!


  6. That pic of the cat and dog sleeping together is just too precious! I used to love roller coasters too-you couldn't pay me enough to get on one today! :)


  7. I saw you on the Tell Me More Linky! It's fun to get to know more people! I love cowboy boots too.
    Fancy Free in FourthI

  8. Hey! Love these linkys!! I've nominated you for an award, swing by my page for more details!

    Miss Augustine's Kindergarten