Sunday, April 14, 2013

Five for Friday... on Sunday

I'm a little late to the party, but here's my Five for Friday!

1. I was lucky enough to attend a full day training with Dr. Jean!  I've had her songs and cheers in my head since I left the conference.  {It's true-- just ask my husband!}  There are so many amazing ideas I plan to implement into my classroom.

2. We started learning about plants this week.  We began by generating a flower full of our plant schema.  {Check out this post from The First Grade Parade for some cute plant ideas.}  We also graphed which type of plant we liked best.  I was amazed that fruit won out over flowers!

3.  We also started watching the life cycle of a butterfly on Friday.  Unfortunately, the company didn't get the memo to ship the little critters at a later date so there they were freezing in my mailbox on Thursday.  Regardless, the kids are super excited about watching them grow and change.  I told them they have to remember everything that is happening so they're ready for our study of insects in a few weeks!

4.  I got a super cute necklace that I ordered in the mail.  You absolutely have to check out this girl's store.  Such cute stuff!  If you follow her on Facebook she has promos all the time.
Image of NEW! Teardrop Necklace in 6 beautiful colors!

5. I already have my lesson plans ready for next week so I've got the weekend off!  AMAZING feeling!  :)

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  1. Dr. Jean's conference was amazing! I was there too! I have taught my kids the too tee tah song and it is the new fad in our first grade!!
    I noticed when she introduced you and I gave all my colleagues your blog address so they could check you out!!

    Fluttering In First

    1. Oh my goodness, I do not like standing up in front of big crowds! My mind went completely blank when she asked me to stand up! Ahhhh! I taught my kids the tootsie roll saying and we've been doing macarena count to 100 (free YouTube video). I'm already trying to collect things to do Scientist of the Week next year. I also really liked the idea to have every child wear a white men's shirt when studying a science topic. I feel rejuvinated!

      Where in Ohio do you teach?

    2. Yes I know! My kids love the tootsie roll saying (and so do I) I was asking them... okay.. what did you just say? Then they all go: "And then we stop." It is so darn cute! Yes, I want to do the science topic too next year! Her conference was much needed with everything going on!

      I teach at Liberty Benton in Findlay.
      Where do you teach? I had no idea you were in Ohio!

    3. I teach in Toledo, but live in Perrysburg. {I previously lived in North Carolina.} We're not too far-- an hour or so. I just got together with another local blogger today. We talked about trying to get a blogger meet up together this summer!

    4. I lived in Perrysburg last year! I miss it so much. I moved to Findlay because I got the teaching position at LB. I lived at Waterstone Landing right across the street from Levis Commons. I would love a blogger meet up (even though I'm new at this ;) That would be so fun!

    5. What a small world! I'll probably post about a meet-up on my blog this summer so keep an eye out! :)