Monday, June 2, 2014

Another school year comes to an end....

Here I am on my first official day of summer.  I have big plans for the months ahead, but first here's a little recap of my last couple weeks of school.

A few weeks ago my team hosted a kindergarten prom.  Cutest thing ever!  The night included music, dancing, bubbles, cookies, juice, and lots of memories.

Did I mention there was also some impromptu "Let it Go" karaoke?!  It was a hoot!

Then, this past Thursday night we had our kindergarten graduation.  We ordered caps with tassels and they dressed their best for the night.  It was a packed house-- standing room only.  My kiddos were so proud of themselves and the families loved the event.  On Saturday I attended one student's graduation party complete with pony rides, potato sack races, and water balloons!

What end of year festivities do you do for your kids?