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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And the winners are.....

Winner #1- Mrs. Richling (Bunny Bonanza & April Showers)
Winner #2- Meredith Gilbert (Bunny Bonanza)
Winner #3- Cathy Irwin (April Showers)

Congratulations, ladies!  Check your email for your new Spring units!!  Thank you to everyone else for your support.  Be sure to check out my TPT store if you are interested in my Spring units!  I also just uploaded a Cinco de Mayo unit this past weekend.  I'm so excited to use it with my kids... they love anything related to Mexico.

Did everyone have a good first day of Spring?  We had quite the discussion about pollen in my classroom yesterday.  I'm originally from Michigan so I have never before experienced the pollen that invades North Carolina this time of year... it is UNREAL!

--Mrs. Pollard

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Giveaway! ~~~~CLOSED~~~~

I don't know about you, but this early springtime weather is quite enjoyable!  To help celebrate the official first day of Spring on Tuesday I'm having a giveway with 3 winners!

It's easy as 1-2.... here's how to enter:
1. Follow my blog and leave a comment saying you do {with your email address}.
2. Follow my TPT store and leave a comment saying you do {with your email address}.

The giveaway will end on Tuesday night at 8:00 PM {eastern}.  I will use a random number generator to choose the winners.

The first winner will receive both of my Spring units- Bunny Bonanza and April Showers Bring May Flowers!

The second winner will receive my Bunny Bonanza unit and the third winner will receive my April Showers Bring May Flowers unit.

Don't miss your chance to get some new Spring items for your classroom!  Enter the giveaway here by following my blog and TPT store.  :)

--Mrs. Pollard

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I've been busy....

We're about to hit the beginning of the end at my school... the final nine weeks of school until my firsties become second graders!  I just love seeing them grow through the year.  During this most recent round of testing {audible sigh}, there were some struggles that stuck out to me for different kids.  So, I've spent my day making some things to help get me through the end of the school year and focus on the skills they need more practice with.  I've uploaded all of these items to my TPT and Teachers Notebook stores.  Check it out!

I also uploaded a little {freebie} to share with you all!

--Mrs. Pollard

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How I Store My Stations

With so many amazing literacy and math stations available to teachers today I think it's very important to store them safely and in an organized way so I can always find them when I need them!  I've spent so much money on paper, ink, and laminate alone that I want to protect my investment.  {I know you're all with me on that!}

Here's how I prepare and store my stations....
First, I begin by printing all of the pages needed.  I glue the cover page on the front of a 9x12 envelope.  If the directions are seperate, I glue them onto the back of the envelope.  I laminate the envelope {with the flap open} and all of the station pieces.  I cut out the envelope and carefully slice open the opening.  Then, I cut out all of the station pieces.  I put these pieces inside of a Ziploc bag.  I put the Ziploc bag inside of the laminated envelope along with the copies of the recording sheets.  I use a small circular Velcro piece to keep the envelope closed.*

Right now I have all of these beautiful envelopes stored in a cupboard in my classroom.  The problem is that the shelves are narrow so I can't quickly locate a station I need.  I just purchased a medium sized storage tub and plan to store the envelopes inside it standing up with tall dividers for different catergories and subjects.

This is the best way I've found to keep my stations safe and sound.  How do you store your stations?

*Please note, the 9x12 envelopes come with or without the little metal brads {the ones with brads are cheaper}.  I have put both types through the big laminator.  I hear you're not supposed to put the brads through the laminator... I've never had a problem, but this is my disclaimer!  :)

--Mrs. Pollard