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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm a Kindergarten Teacher now! :)

I feel bad that I've been so absent from my blog lately.  If you've been following my blog, then you know I left my job as a first grade teacher in June and moved back closer to home with my husband.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find a job since teaching jobs are so hard to come by up north, but I got lucky.  It all came about very quickly, but now I'm a kindergarten teacher here in Ohio!  I can't believe I have my friends and family so close AND I'm teaching.  It's my dream come true!

It's been a busy start to the school year.... and HOT {my classroom isn't air conditioned}.  We've been busy learning our classroom rules and routines and getting to know each other.  Since I'm in a new grade I've had an excuse to buy lots of amazing resources on TPT.

I love using Mr. Wiggle at the beginning of the year to help kids learn how to use my books in the classroom.  After reading "Mr. Wiggle's Book" a few times, we brainstormed everything we can do or not do to make sure we take care of our books.  Then, we made our very own Mr. Wiggle using a craftivity I found on TPT.

To help us all learn each other's names we've been doing "Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar" each morning.  For this, and many other awesome beginning of the year ideas, I got Kim Adsit's Going to School unit.  I love this unit-- everything is so easy to just print out and laminate!

Another great purchase is Deanna Jump's Chit Chat Morning Messages.  It has been so super easy to just look at her messages, write them on my board, and use her images.  It has seriously saved me so much time!  This is just the first set in a series so I'm looking forward to more to come!

Finally, I got an alphabet book unit.  It has a booklet for each letter with pictures for the kids to color and repeatitive text.  We're not quite ready for it now, but I will be getting it ready for upcoming months.

Once things settle down a bit I'll be getting around to making my own kindergarten units, but for now I'm more than happy to put other's hard work to use in my classroom!  And now, I'll leave you with a little tour of my classroom.  {Keep in mind I had 3 days from hire to the first day.  It's very different from my previous classroom, but I'm liking it.}



Since these pictures there have been a lot of changes... I got new tables {circular/flower shaped}, a carpet, easel, and more!  I'll add more pictures later.

If there are any fabulous kindergarten teachers out there with advice for a new K teacher, I'd love to hear it!  Happy school year!  :)