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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secret Stories Giveaway!! ~~~CLOSED~~~

This is for real y'all... I am giving away a Secret Stories kit!  This is a $90 value and I'm giving it away to one lucky winner.  It will change the way you teach spelling patterns to your students F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

I was first introduced to Secret Stories a few years back by a team member of mine.  A light bulb went off in my head when I saw this program.  The creator of this program, Katie Garner, is AMAZING!  Secret Stories are ingenious.  "What is Secret Stories?" you ask.  Let me take the explanation straight from their site since I get so excited when I think about it I don't want to miss anything!

"The SECRET STORIES is a multi-modal, brain-based, teacher ‘bag-of-tricks’ that transforms reading and writing abilities of primary and struggling, intermediate grade learners. Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means, the SECRET STORIES activates every learning channel within the learner, and personally connects them to the skills."

This kit includes everything you'll need to effectfively teach Secret Stories to your students.
{Included: teacher's book, audio CD, and color classroom posters}

Secret Stories are a part of everyday life in my classroom.  My students constantly use their Secret Stories to read and write words.  The little stories with the pictures truly stick in their heads and they really think it's a secret!  When I introduce a new story to them, we close our classroom door and whisper.  I hold my book like it is TOP SECRET information.  This whole program really grabs their attention and makes learning possible!  I cannot tell you enough how this has changed the way I teach words to my kids.

So, here's how this amazing classroom kit can be YOURS....
There are 4 chances to enter the giveaway.  You can do 1, 2, 3, or all 4!  Please read the directions carefully.

1. Follow the Secret Stories Facebook page by 'liking' it.  Leave a comment with your email address on this post saying you did so.
2. Follow my blog.  Leave a comment with your email address on this post saying you do.
3. Follow my TPT store.  Leave a comment with your email address on this post saying you do.
4. Blog about this giveaway on your blog.  Leave a comment with the link to the post and your email address on this post saying you did so.

This is one secret you will not want to keep to yourself!  The giveaway will run through midnight (EST) on Friday, May 4.  {No late entries will be accepted.}  The lucky winner will be announced on Saturday.

--Mrs. Pollard

Friday, April 20, 2012

Old Pipes+Water=Flood

I've been having a water leak problem under the sink in my classroom so today the county maintenance men came out to fix it.  They had told me they'd be pulling the cabinets off the wall and replacing all of the old pipes that were causing the leak so I planned for my students to spend the day in another classroom in the building.  It was also Fun Day so we'd be outside most of the day anyways.  Well, I had to run back to my classroom to grab the Fun Day schedule before the day got started and there it was... water.  I don't mean a little puddle.  I'm talking about some serious water.  ALL.  OVER.  MY.  CLASSROOM.  Flowing water.  Are you picturing this in your mind?  My shelves and carpet were already soaked, storage drawers sitting in water, and it was creeping across my floor just inches away from reading books and library books.  I walked in just in time to start saving my stuff and thank goodness for two of my amazing teamies being nearby and rushing to my rescue.  Now, everything in my room is up on tables.  It's quite a sight.  The whole situation was just too much for me to handle so then I added to the flood with my tears!  I'm sure those maintenance men thought I was crazy-- I was just standing in water and crying.  I'm sure you can all understand these emotions since we all put so much time, money, and energy into making a classrooms what they are-- a home away from home.  Oh, and did I mention that it went through the wall into my neighbor's classroom.  Yup, it sure did.  Soaked her carpet and some books.  Poor thing.  She didn't even see it coming!

I think today might top the charts as one of my worst days of school ever.  Now, I'm looking forward to a new week and being able to use the sink in my classroom without a leak.... or flood.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have you ever had something like this happen in your classroom?

--Mrs. Pollard

Monday, April 16, 2012

37 Days and a Freebie

Yes, that's right... 37 days to go!  Today was my first day back from Spring Break.  5:20am has never felt so early.  Phew, it was hard this morning.  I know y'all feel the same way!  I'm pretty excited about trucking through the next 37 days with my kiddos so I know it'll get easier.  I've got some exciting things planned to help get each of my firsties ready for second grade and keep their attention until the last day {fingers crossed}.  I realize I haven't been so good lately about posting on here, but keep an eye out for new pictures in the upcoming weeks.

Now, to the promised freebie.  My state hasn't fully implemented Common Core so we're still teaching our state standards for math.  One objective is for students to be able to identify an event as being 'certain' or 'impossible'.  Let me just tell you... this is a tricky concept for seven year olds!  I've created this little sort in case you're needing to teach this concept in your classroom as well.  Check out this {freebie} in my TPT store!

I would love if you left feedback on the product after you download!
It makes my heart happy to hear from y'all!  :)

I've also uploaded a few other items to my TPT store recently.  Check them out!
3. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo {I am so excited about this unit & celebration!}

--Mrs. Pollard

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Break Sale!

I'm having a SALE!  I just couldn't resist and had to join in the fun!  I just posted a 'Jack and the Beanstalk Unit' and 'More and Less Math Station' this weekend!  Check out my TPT store for 15% off my products for today only! 

--Mrs. Pollard