Monday, June 3, 2013

Win a File-tastic & more!

Remember this great product I shared with you awhile back?  Well, you could win one for your own classroom along with 2 other products of your choice by participating in my giveaway!
All you need to do is select 3 products from the Education department on and blog about how you would use them in your classroom.  Seriously, how easy is that?!  The winner will receive the 3 products that they blogged about!


  1. Oh my goodness! Ever since I saw your post on this file holder, I have wanted to get them! I would love the chance to get it for FREE! I am starting my first year teaching in August and I have NOTHING! I am so overwhelmed! Any advice on organizing a classroom library? How do you label your books?
    Mrs. Wilson's Class

  2. Your TPT products are beautiful! Laura

  3. Hi! I'm switching from 6th to 5th grade next year and switched my blog from Teach Bake Love! Check out my blog and subscribe by email:

  4. Do we need to blog here or on our own blog? I found several things I would use in my classroom.

  5. This is what I posted on my blog, Adventures in Pre-K....

    Mardel Products
    I came across a fellow teacher's blog. She was having a giveaway. I have to tell which two products I would like from in addition to the file-tastic hanging file folder holder. I would love to have the file-tastic to help organize my teacher folders. I would also like to get the ceiling hanglers grid clip kit and the black lanyards. With the ceiling hanglers I think it would be self explanatory as to why I would want them. As for the lanyards, I would make special tags for my students to wear on field trips and they could wear these each time rather than trying to put sticky name tags on them that they lose so quickly. I hope I am able to get these products!! I sure could use some free stuff!

  6. Love how this looks in black! How did you adhere it to the file cabinet?

  7. How did you attach the file to your cabinet??

    1. I rolled a few pieces of clear packing tape. It is hanging from on top of the cabinet instead of just straight down so I think that helps support it. I'm still amazed that stayed up all year.

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