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Monday, April 16, 2012

37 Days and a Freebie

Yes, that's right... 37 days to go!  Today was my first day back from Spring Break.  5:20am has never felt so early.  Phew, it was hard this morning.  I know y'all feel the same way!  I'm pretty excited about trucking through the next 37 days with my kiddos so I know it'll get easier.  I've got some exciting things planned to help get each of my firsties ready for second grade and keep their attention until the last day {fingers crossed}.  I realize I haven't been so good lately about posting on here, but keep an eye out for new pictures in the upcoming weeks.

Now, to the promised freebie.  My state hasn't fully implemented Common Core so we're still teaching our state standards for math.  One objective is for students to be able to identify an event as being 'certain' or 'impossible'.  Let me just tell you... this is a tricky concept for seven year olds!  I've created this little sort in case you're needing to teach this concept in your classroom as well.  Check out this {freebie} in my TPT store!

I would love if you left feedback on the product after you download!
It makes my heart happy to hear from y'all!  :)

I've also uploaded a few other items to my TPT store recently.  Check them out!
3. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo {I am so excited about this unit & celebration!}

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. Love your blog! Gad I found it! Today was my first day back from spring break as well. One of my little cuties was crying he was so tuckered out. Apparently he had two birthday parties on Sunday and went to bed late. Seeing him cry for his bed made me want to cry! End of school countdown!!!!! Looking forward to downloading the freebie! Thanks.


    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

  2. Thanks for all the cute stuff you make! I love it and follow you on teacherspayteachers. Can you do a post about your small groups? Love to know what you do and if you have any fun printables we could buy/download..that'd be awesome! Always looking for ideas and ways to challenge my little readers. :)

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