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Monday, July 4, 2011

I Heart Target

Surprise, surprise... another teacher blog post about the Target Dollar Spot!  I was out of town today and visited their Target.  I had my husband with me so I demonstrated very good self-control.  I only spent $4, but that means I got 4 really fun things!

I think I may have seen someone else blog about these animal cards, too.  One pack is animal actions-- great for teaching verbs.  The other pack is animal sounds-- can we say onomatopoeia lesson?!!  The other item in the picture is a little set of alphabet stamps-- great for a word work station.

How cute is this bag!?!!  They had a pretty good selection of pirate stuff-- perfect to go with all of the awesome pirate units out there.  I'm not quite sure what to use this little bag for.  Maybe station storage for pirate themed activities.

They also had a lot of baskets, bins, and storage, but I'm really trying to stick with my new color scheme for next year-- zebra print, hot pink, bright green.  Let me know if anyone finds anything fabulous I could use to go with it!  :)

--Mrs. Pollard


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