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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spray Paint Possibilities?

Alright, crafty teacher bloggers... this is a question for you!  I want to know if I can use spray paint to change the color of some classroom items to match my new color scheme.

Here's what I want to transform:
I have 3 different blue plastic drawer organizers.
The blue doesn't match my new color scheme.
Can I spray paint this?  (If so, will it look ok or will it look messy?)

On this one, I want to spray paint the lid part.
What do you think, would it be successful?

I've never really used spray paint, but I see so many people using it for such creative projects.  I just don't know if the spray paint will really stay well on the plastic.  Or, do you have any other ways I could disguise this blue in my new green and pink classroom?  Thanks!

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. Oh oh oh....when you get an answer...let me know..this is one thing that has kind of held me back from totally changing my colors...

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I think you can use Krylon to spray paint the unit, but I'm not sure how the drawers would look spray painted. That could get pretty messy. You would definitely lose the transparency.


  3. There is Krylon for plastic. I saw some pics of some plastic yard furniture spray painted and it looked great.

  4. I think over time the spray paint would scratch off so then it may look bad because you will be able to see the blue coming through the paint sratches. Maybe if you put some type of seal over the top, like Mod Podge????


  5. Use spray paint that is especially made for plastic. Yes, it might scratch off but you can quickly touch it up.

    Take the plastic drawers out (if you want to leave them clear) before you spray paint the blue.

    Put painter's tape over the parts of the lid that you do not want to spray paint.

    I love using spray paint and use it all the time! It is a quick fix. Good luck!

    First Grade School Box

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog. It's awesome. Curious to know the font you are using... Thanks!

  7. Someone beat me to it but yes, Krylon has a paint for plastic and I know from experience that it actually WORKS! :) Mrs. Mac
    First Class With Mrs. Mac

  8. Thanks, ladies! I think I'm going to attempt it. My blue drawers at school, but I'm going to try to retrieve them this week. I'll also have to go find that spray paint just for plastic. I'm thinking the drawer units black with zebra print on the front of the drawers!! I'm also thinking about black for the lid of my file box, then tie a ribbon around the box! I'm excited now that I know there is special spray paint out there!!! Thank you!

  9. Can you post a picture after you're finished? I would love to see the end product.

  10. I will definitely post before and after pictures... good or bad. :)

  11. Not sure if you were thinking about painting the drawers too, but I have used scrapbook paper to cover the inside front of the drawers. I just taped it around the edges so there is no mess and you can get the pattern you want.

    Can't wait to see how it works out!

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