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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hands-On Number Line

I know the school year is winding down and we've all got our minds on summer, but I wanted to share something I made this year to help my students with adding and subtracting.

It's so simple!  Go to the paint department at any store and ask for a class set of their FREE paint sticks.  (I got mine at Walmart and they don't have any printing/advertising on them.)  Then, get a roll of sticky number line from the Dollar Tree.  Cut the number line after the 20 and stick it onto the paint stick.  Last, get some clothes pins (I got mine for $1 at Dollar General) and you've got a class set of hands-on number lines!

To Use:  Put the clip on the starting number and then make it 'hop' forward or backward depending on addition or subtraction.

P.S.  I have 15 days left until summer!  :)

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. That's a great idea. Meets the visual and kinesthetic needs of learners! Thanks for the idea!


  2. That's a fabulous idea! I'm going to have to jot it down on my summer to do list.

  3. What a great (and thrifty!) idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really like this idea. I was planning to create a number line where the kids could use a frog to "hop" to the next number. I might glue my frog to the end of the clothespin.

  5. That would be a cute, Lauren! These number lines are really great and super CHEAP!