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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hip-Hip-Hooray... Claps & Cheers!

Last weekend I blogged about the awesome videos that The Apple Basket Teacher posted on her blog.  I quickly typed up some task cards with directions to the cheers so that I don't forget to use them in my classroom.  I plan to print them out on colored paper, laminate, and hang on a metal ring.

Thank you to Nancy at The Apple Basket Teacher for allowing me to share this with you!

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. These are awesome! I was working on them myself, but I just worked on the graphics :)


  2. These are fabulous. I think my students got a bit worn out from the 3 we have in our class. They are:

    -The firecracker: Place hand together, palms touching, by your stomach. Then start to make a sizzling sound and move your hands like a snake, upwards until they are over your head. Last make a bursting sound and break your hands apart wiggling your fingers, and bring them down to your side.

    - The cowboy: Pretend you are swinging a lasso and say "Yee Haw!"

    - The silent cheer: Same as a cheer in sign language.

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