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Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm glad I'm not the only one.... be thinking about next fall!  I just can't help myself.  Every year at this time I start thinking about what I want to change in my room or how I want to do folders, etc.  I was so happy to find this Linky Party hosted by Time 4 Kindergarten.

1.  Keep a list of all the ideas swimming around in my head.  I have new ideas for my name tags, homework, take-home folders, etc. and I don't want to forget so I start jotting down any thoughts that I have so I can iron them out over the summer.  (Note:  Try to keep all of your list writing in the same notebook... scattered thoughts in lots of different places aren't helpful!  Speaking from experience here, of course!)

2.  Go ahead and copy your student information cards/sheets.  Last year, I copied them on bright card stock, cut them out, and put them on a ring so they were ready to go for Open House night.  This year I am thinking I may switch to a full page and keep them in a cute binder.  Hmmm.....

3.  Pictures, pictures, pictures!  If I like something in my room this year I take a picture of it so I'll remember to do it again in the fall.  This could be how something is set-up in the room or a poster I made with the class.

4.  Clean everything!  The worst thing is to come back to a room that has been collecting dust for two months and there be sticky glue marks and who knows what else on the tables, chairs, and counters.  Have the kids help to clean up this year's mess so you can start fresh in the fall.

5.  Weed out the extra stuff.  I think teachers are collectors of all things!  I recently opened a cupboard in my classroom and realized I had stuff I'd never even seen before.  I'm going to be doing a serious gutting of cupboards and cabinets in my room.

6.  I load up my master binders and  personal resource books to take home for the summer.  I hate to recreate something I already have when I'm planning ahead!

7.  I'm sure there are many more things I could add to list, but here's the most important... take the time to reflect back on the amazing year you've had with this group of firsties.  Think about how far you've come together through the months.  Next year, they'll be all grown up and off to second grade and you'll have a new group of babies.

Happy End of the School Year!  Don't forget to link up to the Linky Party hosted by Time 4 Kindergarten to share what you do to get ready for next year.

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. Lovin #5... it's amazing how much stuff we collect! I've watched that hoarder show lately and it's makin' me all freaked out. Ha!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. Me too! Every year I can't figure out how my storage shelves get so crammed pack with stuff. I've got some major cleaning out to do.

  3. Thanks for joining my Linky Party- I hope you find some great ideas-
    I too am beginning to do #5. I seem to collect stuff no one else needs