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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cut Apart Sentences

Okay, I think this might be my last post today... I just can't stop!!!  I use this activity at stations.  Even my highest students often struggle with proper sentence structure so I figure any extra work they can get with it will be helpful.  I have glued the cover sheet on the front of an envelope and will store the sentence strips and full sheets in the envelope.  The students will choose 1 strip (there are multiple to choose from so they aren't copying their neighbor) and one full size sheet to glue their sentence onto.  I'm hoping the repeated exposure to proper sentences will encourage them to start using "2nd grade sentences" in their own writing.  (I try to push their efforts by talking about moving up to 2nd grade next year!)  Enjoy!

--Mrs. Pollard


  1. Love your site! Wanted to download the cut-apart sentences but it said the access was restricted. :-) Keep the great ideas coming.
    BTW, what reading series do you use?
    Alicia in Tuscaloosa, AL

  2. Sorry about that... I just changed the settings so it should work for you now. We use Harcourt Trophies for our reading series. I think we're in the process of choosing a new program for next year though. Let me know if that link still doesn't work!

  3. Thanks for creating your site and offering free downloads. Perfect for the teacher who moves to a new state and new grade level! :)