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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monster Mania

This week my team will be teaching about money.... and what goes better with money than monsters and robots!?!  It's kind of random, but I'm really excited about the week.  For reading everyday, we will read and do activities with "My Robot" from our Harcourt reading books.  Our writing will be all about monsters.  (We will be doing a Double Bubble Map to compare and contrast robots and monsters.)  During math, we will be exploring money.  And our Social Studies block will focus on goods and services.  Since we plan as a team, some of the items were created by other teachers... keep an eye on Ms. Fleming's blog to see if she posts some of her creations.

Again, this is a half page (double-sided) in an effort to save paper.  This is an independent practice activity after a whole group lesson.  I will also be adding contraction stations into my literacy rotations.

If you haven't seen this book, check it out.  It's is great for adjectives.  In each bubble we will write a descriptive phrase (for example: long bluish-greenish nose).
The book ends with, "Go away monster... and don't come back until I say so."  So, the next day we are writing a story about where we think the monster went.

To practice the money skills we will have studied all week, I will have a "Monster Munch" sale on Friday.  These are the labels for the bags.  (Pictures to come later.)

--Mrs. Pollard


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