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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Word Family Life Savers

This year I discovered the amazing word family poster set from Carson Dellosa.  I laminated all of the posters and used a dry erase marker to write the words (this way I can just erase and reuse next year).  The key to these posters being useful is actually writing the words on them WITH the kids.  They came up with the words so they know they are there and use them when writing.  Definitely among the best $20 I've spent on my classroom.


  1. those turned out so cute! I have a word family poster, but definitely not as visually stimulating as this is! p.s. did you know that you can write on laminated paper with permanent marker and then erase it off with a rubber eraser?! I just learned that this year and I think it's the coolest thing EVER!! the permanent marker stays on better than dry-erase and it come off when you need to remove it!

  2. That's a great trick I didn't know about! Thanks for sharing.

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